Do We Reach Home - Signed Vinyl Album


Do We Reach Home - Signed Vinyl Album


Award winning album by Jerry Jean on vinyl. Signed by the artist. Deluxe double LP on 180 gram audiophile grade vinyl for the ultimate listening experience. Mastered for vinyl by 11-time Grammy winner Bob Ludwig. Lacquers cut by vinyl expert Scott Hull at Masterdisk. 12 songs. FREE SHIPPING (US), International orders HERE.

Jerry Jean's solo album, Do We Reach Home, explores the strains of modern living, human connection, and renewal. Cinematic and grand, Jerry weaves together haunting melodies and searching lyrics over live strings and a warm, piano-driven backdrop for a classic, chamber pop sound. The songs revolve around the search for home in a chaotic modern world.

Track Listing:

  1. Reverie

  2. Break Free

  3. Make A Sound

  4. Gold

  5. Future

  6. Flight

  7. Reach You

  8. Make Up Your Mind

  9. Pieces

  10. The Battle is Over

  11. Another Place

  12. Do We Reach Home


Album produced & arranged by Jerry Jean
Lead vocals: Jerry Jean
Piano: Jerry Jean
Drums: John O’Reilly Jr.
Percussion: John O’Reilly Jr.
Acoustic guitar: Adam Stoler 
Electric guitar: Adam Stoler 
Programming: Jerry Jean
Rhodes: Jerry Jean 
Acoustic bass: Matt Scharfglass 
Electric bass: Kevin Jacoby, Matt Scharfglass 
Violin: Brendan Speltz, Juliette Jones, Claudia Chopek 
Viola: Celia Hatton, Rose Hashimoto
Cello: Ben Larsen, Aliah Rosenthal, Eru Matsumoto 
Trumpet: Rebecca Steinberg
French horn: Erin A. Paul
BG vocals: Crystal Monee Hall, Elle Winston, Jerry Jean

Recording engineer: Jerry Jean 
Assistant recording engineer: M.P. Kuo
Drums & percussion engineer: John O’Reilly Jr.

Mixing engineer: Bryan Cook 
2nd mix engineer: Will Kennedy
Assistant mix engineer: James Berish
Mastering engineer: Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering

Photography: Shervin Lainez 
Art design: Charlene Kaye

Recorded at Jerry Jean Music, Harlem, NYC,
Boom Crash Studio, Bucks County, PA,
StolerMusic Sound, Queens, NYC

All songs © & ℗ Jerry Jean / Jerry Jean Music (ASCAP) 

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